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  • 15 Years of Experience

    We’ve seen how the industry has evolved and are constantly staying ahead of the curve.

  • Guaranteed Design Work

    If you don’t love the designs we create for you, we’ll refund your money.

  • Award Winning

    We’ve won some of the most respected design awards there are.

Humbly an award-winning agency

Not only are we honored to be featured in these publications, we routinely write articles to teach other marketing professionals about our craft.

What do our clients think of us?

See how Vintage has helped our existing clients dominate their market areas.

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    I’d hire them full time if they’d let me

    “I found Dan and Vintage after landing on one of their other clients websites, which was one of the best looking personal injury websites I’d ever seen. I had just paid for my existing website which was done by another “high end” legal marketing agency. Talking to Dan and the Vintage gang, there’s an immediate level of expertise, honesty, and professionalism that you can’t find anymore. My decision to hire Vintage has already paid off. We’re 4 months in, and I’m already impressed. Just last week I got a policy limits case, and we’re just barely getting started. We already have plans for 3 more websites to dominate the entire province of Ontario. It’s my belief that Vintage is at the very top when it comes to legal web design and marketing services.”

    Matt Lalande

    Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers
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    Honest and straightforward legal web design and marketing company.

    “The guys at Vintage Legal Marketing are extremely talented in their field. I’ve gotten a number of compliments from fellow attorneys about my new website, and our search engine marketing campaign is already driving traffic. I’m happy to recommend Vintage to anyone looking for an honest and straightforward legal web design and marketing company.”

    Robert Hamparyan

    Robert Hamparyan - Trial Lawyer
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    Dan at Vintage Legal Marketing has done great work for our personal injury law firm.

    Dan at Vintage Legal Marketing has done great work for our personal injury law firm. I would prefer to keep them for our law firm only. But in terms of legal marketing, it is my belief based upon years of experience that Vintage Legal Marketing provides a great service to their clients.

    Robert May

    The May Firm - Founding Attorney
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    Thrilled with my new website!

    “The team at Vintage did a wonderful job on my website and I couldn’t be happier. I recommend them without reservation to any lawyer looking for an excellent website!”

    Diane Itzenhauser

    Diane Itzenhauser - Family Lawyer
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    I am motivated to write this because I truly believe a good company should be recognized.

    “Wow! Dan and his crew takes care of business! We run a mid-sized law firm and had contacted other website companies. Across the board they upsold, overpromised and undelivered. We called Dan and he was responsive, gave a straightforward quote with timeline and COMPLETELY DELIVERED THE BEST WEBSITE OUR COMPANY HAS EVER HAD! After the site launched he even helped me with my emails and added a couple extra items to the site. I have had A LOT of compliments on the new site from customers and peers. I cannot recommend these guys enough. It was really nice to get the website and service that he delivered.”

    Oliver Pelly

    Phillips & Pelly Law Firm - Lawyer

Attorney web design statistics

These interesting data points illustrate the importance of your law firm having an excellent website.

  • Approx. number of adults
    with smart phones


  • Average attention span
    of website visitor


  • Average number of pages
    viewed before contact


  • Page load time before
    frustration occurs


What really separates Vintage from the plethora of other attorney web designs out there is our reputation. We’d rather lose money on a project than leave a client with something they aren’t proud of.

Dan Steiner
Founder & Marketing Director

The Vintage Design Guarantee

We’ll design you a website you love, or we’ll refund your money.


Your law firm can hire us, without the risk of disappointment.

We understand that the biggest concern most clients have when hiring a law firm web design agency is not being happy with the designs they deliver. At Vintage, we’ll keep working on your designs until you love them, or we’ll happily refund your money. Our reputation is everything to us, and if you’re not happy, neither are we.

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Why we’re some of the best in the business.

There’s a lot that goes into a perfect law firm website. Here’s why we’re one of the very best in our industry.


The Cosmetics

Beautiful, customized designs.

It goes without saying that the primary focus of any website should be to look amazing. If your new site doesn’t make your competitors jealous, we haven’t done our job as attorney web designers. We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve never had a client not love the designs we’ve created for them.

All of our designs have years of data collected from law firm websites in numerous areas of law, ensuring they maximize conversions and properly funnel website visitors to the proper areas of the site. We know how to use proper colors, grid systems, and element placement to get the job done, which results in not just more casework, but higher value casework.


Under the Hood

Not outsourced, carefully crafted in-house.

Even though you can’t physically see the code under the hood, this is what matters most. It’s also what search engine bots see. Poor coding can make your website slow, rank poorly in search engines, and make a beautiful design look terrible. Many agencies outsource their coding responsibilities overseas to maximize profits. The problem with these overseas coders is that they tend to take shortcuts and will often do a “chop shop job” just to get it done quickly.

All of our work is done in-house. This is how Vintage produces some of the fastest websites on the web. We ensure HTML and CSS coding is optimized for speed, as well as optimized for search engine crawlers, allowing the them to quickly determine what your website is about and rank it accordingly. But if you do choose to hire another legal marketing agency, you should be asking about their coding practices.



We build some of the fastest legal websites in the industry.

Having a fast website these days isn’t a necessity, it’s mandatory. We can boldly say that we build some of the fastest websites on the internet today, often with load times under 1 second. There are few legal web design agencies around who can match our expertise on this front, simply because we understand the raw technology, instead of relying on plugins to mask real issues.

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Our websites work on all devices, without sacrifice.

Mobile searches account for 63% of all searches, and is expected to keep growing to nearly two-thirds of all searches by the end of 2018. With that being said, we still cannot figure out how some agencies are using “mobile friendly” as a marketing point. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, it’s already outdated.

All of our websites come with a custom designed mobile version that is rigorously tested on all devices that matter. Mobile site speed is another major ranking factor we pay very close attention to. Did you know that the average page speed on mobile is 22 seconds? That is completely unacceptable. And according to Google, 53% of mobile users will bounce out of a mobile web page after 3 seconds. This is why Google made mobile site speed a ranking priority.

Now imagine if you can clock your website’s mobile speed under a second. That can have significant online ranking value since business sites have an average site speed of 8.7 seconds.


Market Differentiation

Don’t be a sheep, be a wolf.

Marketing is all about being different and separating your law firm from the pack. It’s about grabbing attention, but for some reason in the legal web design world, there’s a lot of recycling and copying. If you want to be successful, you’d better be different. When we take a project, the very first thing we do is analyze your market. What are your competitors using on their websites? What colors? What photography? It’s been proven that even minor changes, such as using “Free Case Review” versus “Free Case Consultation” can increase conversions. All of this must be taken into account if you want to be successful.

Take a look at the Toronto personal injury market on the right.

That’s a lot of team shots, generic colors, and very little to differentiate a firm from another! The legal industry is highly competitive and you simply can’t afford to be mediocre, especially when potential casework is shopping lawyers.


Conversion Testing.
User Interaction.

Data driven perfection.

Your website looks badass. It gets traffic. It gets compliments from other attorneys. But, it’s not bringing in any cases. Usually, this indicates that you’re failing to convert site visitors into leads. Sometimes even the smallest details can turn visitors off. While our years of experience and data give us a big edge, everyone can benefit from user interaction testing.

This is a small piece of software that literally records and monitors how users are interacting with your website. It allows us to identify roadblocks, or ways to increase the conversion performance of your site. Another type of testing we employ is split testing, or “A/B testing.” This type of testing involves showing visitors two different designs randomly, then tracking which version performs better.

Unfortunately, the above has become a marketing buzzword that many legal web design agencies throw around, but almost none of them really utilize these essential tools. Long story short, when partnering with Vintage you get a website tweaked for maximum conversions, leveraging innovative tools for optimal results.



Yes, you’ll look really damn good.

Nothing is more important than photography when it comes to building a successful law firm website. The same stuff that worked years ago isn’t working today. We staff photographers who can travel to you, or we can help you screen and hire local talent, depending on your budget. It’s true, a picture is worth 1000 words, and if you want the best possible marketing, you shouldn’t overlook this or go cheap.



The right color palette matters.

Most won’t give much thought to something as simple as selecting a color palette, aside from choosing what looks best or matches branding. The right colors create a specific mood, trigger certain emotions, and also help to guide visitors through the areas of your site that matter.

Also, consider this… if every competing firm in your market used blue, would you want to use that color? Probably not. In marketing, the saying “be a wolf, not a sheep” is spot on. Regardless of what area of law you’re in, potential clients DO shop lawyers, and guess what? The best marketing gets the best cases, not always the best lawyer.


Do it Yourself

Yep, you’ll be able to easily edit your own website.

Oh, you don’t want to pay us to make simple changes to your website? We don’t want that either. All of our websites are very easily managed by you, or someone in your office without any technical knowledge required. We don’t use any bloaty plugins or visual editors to accomplish this, so your site will keep running as fast as possible. Editing text, images, and content is as simple as clicking an “edit” button. We think it’s pretty badass, too.

Technology & Features Included

We use the very latest web technology available, not because we’re huge nerds, but because it’s essential.

All of our websites are built using the virtually industry standard WordPress platform, with the latest front end technologies. If you choose to have us performance optimize or host your website, it will also include the latest server technology, such as Varnish, HTTP/v2, Memcached, and all sorts of other goodness that will keep your website running extremely fast.

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Our Unique (Awesome) Design Process

You’re in the driver’s seat. No more email exchanges, Word documents, or long phone calls for design feedback.

Easily add feedback, comments, and design changes like sticky notes.
  • Sticky-note design feedback

    Visually leave comments, feedback, and change requests on your designs. Just like dropping sticky notes!

  • Collaborate with Staff

    Invite the whole office to leave feedback on your designs. The more feedback, the better.

  • See What Your Site Will Look Like

    Visualize your bebsite instead of waiting until your your website is fully coded. You’ll be able to see what every page looks like, and if needed, request customization’s.

Frequently Asked Questions

The average website takes under a month, but we’ve also completed full websites as fast as 2 weeks. The truth is, we can usually work as fast as you want us to. If you have a specific deadline, please let us know.

OK Vintage, let’s work together!

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