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  • 15+ Years of Experience

    We are one of the most experienced legal marketing agencies in the business.

  • No Long Term Contracts

    Never worry about being trapped into an agreement you aren’t happy with.

  • 1000+ Page One Keywords

    We’ve ranked thousands of keywords in some of the most competitive markets.

  • Performance Driven

    We offer pay for performance services, so you only pay for the cases we deliver.

We’ve delivered millions of dollars in casework.

Simply put, our clients hire us because we know how to win and have sustained success for years.

It’s 2019, we don’t need to explain how important it is for your law firm to be digitally visible. Chances are, you’re here because you’re either getting your butt kicked by competitors in search results (our clients?), you’ve had a bad experience with a garbage legal SEO agency, or, you just take your law firms success seriously.

The good news is that we can help with everything above, the bad news is that we’re extremely selective in who we work with. Why? Because just like there are bad SEO providers, there are bad clients, too.

Hiring the right legal seo agency can make your firm extremely successful, but hiring the wrong one can cost your firm a lot of money, headaches, and time.

Dan Steiner
Founder & Marketing Director

We offer both traditional monthly SEO services, and for some clients, a performance model. For clients with ambitious goals, the performance model is often a great option, as it allows you to only pay for the results we deliver.

The truth is, lawyer SEO isn’t easy. It takes a tremendous amount of time, know-how, data, and testing to achieve sustainable results in competitive markets. We have been successful in ranking law firms in some of the toughest markets in the world, but even more impressive than just sheer case volume, we know how to develop landing pages and content that bring in the big dog cases, such as traumatic injuries in personal injury.

Vintage is a small agency, by design, allowing us to provide our clients with personalized service and attention. We are also heavily integrated into the local search community, sharing information with some of the most recognizable SEO experts in the world, which allows us to deliver up-to-date strategies to our clients, and also the ability to troubleshoot even the most complex issues that other agencies would likely outsource. When you hire Vintage, you’ll immediately notice a level of service and expertise that other agencies simply cannot compete with.

What do our clients think of us?

See how Vintage has helped our existing clients dominate their market areas.

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    I’d hire them full time if they’d let me

    “I found Dan and Vintage after landing on one of their other clients websites, which was one of the best looking personal injury websites I’d ever seen. I had just paid for my existing website which was done by another “high end” legal marketing agency. Talking to Dan and the Vintage gang, there’s an immediate level of expertise, honesty, and professionalism that you can’t find anymore. My decision to hire Vintage has already paid off. We’re 4 months in, and I’m already impressed. Just last week I got a policy limits case, and we’re just barely getting started. We already have plans for 3 more websites to dominate the entire province of Ontario. It’s my belief that Vintage is at the very top when it comes to legal web design and marketing services.”

    Matt Lalande

    Lalande Personal Injury Lawyers
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    Honest and straightforward legal web design and marketing company.

    “The guys at Vintage Legal Marketing are extremely talented in their field. I’ve gotten a number of compliments from fellow attorneys about my new website, and our search engine marketing campaign is already driving traffic. I’m happy to recommend Vintage to anyone looking for an honest and straightforward legal web design and marketing company.”

    Robert Hamparyan

    Robert Hamparyan - Trial Lawyer
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    Dan at Vintage Legal Marketing has done great work for our personal injury law firm.

    Dan at Vintage Legal Marketing has done great work for our personal injury law firm. I would prefer to keep them for our law firm only. But in terms of legal marketing, it is my belief based upon years of experience that Vintage Legal Marketing provides a great service to their clients.

    Robert May

    The May Firm - Founding Attorney
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    Thrilled with my new website!

    “The team at Vintage did a wonderful job on my website and I couldn’t be happier. I recommend them without reservation to any lawyer looking for an excellent website!”

    Diane Itzenhauser

    Diane Itzenhauser - Family Lawyer
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    I am motivated to write this because I truly believe a good company should be recognized.

    “Wow! Dan and his crew takes care of business! We run a mid-sized law firm and had contacted other website companies. Across the board they upsold, overpromised and undelivered. We called Dan and he was responsive, gave a straightforward quote with timeline and COMPLETELY DELIVERED THE BEST WEBSITE OUR COMPANY HAS EVER HAD! After the site launched he even helped me with my emails and added a couple extra items to the site. I have had A LOT of compliments on the new site from customers and peers. I cannot recommend these guys enough. It was really nice to get the website and service that he delivered.”

    Oliver Pelly

    Phillips & Pelly Law Firm - Lawyer

We’ve proudly been featured in…

Not only are we honored to be featured in these publications, we routinely write articles to teach other marketing professionals about our craft.

  • forbes
  • cio
  • entrepreneur
  • cmi
  • godaddy
  • inc
  • law
  • attorneyatwork
  • forbes
  • cio
  • entrepreneur
  • cmi
  • godaddy
  • inc
  • law
  • attorneyatwork

Lawyer SEO statistics

These mind blowing marketing statistics show how lawyers and law firms market their practices.

  • Average traffic generated from sites on page 1


  • Average number of law firms shown on page 1


  • Average traffic from sites listed first organically


  • Percentage of marketing budgets spent digitally


The proof is in the results.

Hundreds and hundreds of keywords ranked on page 1, in some of the most competitive markets in the world.


Our clients have made millions
from our legal SEO services.

At the end of the day, nothing matters more than the results we deliver to our clients.

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The May Firm

One of our first SEO clients, this California law firm is dominating all over the state.

  • 400%


  • 200+

    on page 1

  • 5


  • 200%

    in case intakes

Attorney SEO: Myths & Facts

Because amazingly, anyone with a laptop can do SEO for your law firm these days.


  • I can hire an agency overseas for $500 per month and get results.
  • You can rank on page 1 in 30 days or less.
  • I can just use PPC and skip SEO to get results.
  • I can do SEO on my own.


  • You’ll get yourself into hot water and end up paying professionals, like us, to clean up the mess, often delaying results.
  • It’s not going to happen. SEO takes time and patience. Anyone promising results like this is only going to screw you over.
  • Both PPC and SEO are effective marketing strategies. The more real estate you cover, the better. We like to use both, depending on the goals.
  • You certainly can, no argument from us. However, you probably don’t have the time for two careers, and you probably wouldn’t recommend a client representing themselves in a legal case – same approach here.

How to spot a garbage attorney SEO agencys

SEO is an unregulated, very subjective line of work. Here’s how you can spot the bad apples.


    This is an outdated SEO practice that is simply pointless for any law firm to pursue, and usually points to agencies spamming for results. Your website as a whole should be part of any SEO campaign, focused on generating traffic, leads, and ultimately casework.


    This is another red flag when it comes to vetting potential SEO agencies. Without deliverables, you are left in the dark and often getting taken for a costly ride. Having a very clear roadmap in place with deliverables on a timeline are a must, and any “expert” agency without deliverables in place should be avoided.


    Outsourcing SEO tasks is a VERY common practice, and this should be one of your first questions when deciding on the legal marketing firm you want diving deep into your website. At Vintage, we don’t outsource any of our services. We do it all in-house, and this ensures only best practices are used and A+ results are delivered. Even if you don’t go with Vintage, be sure to cover your ass and ask any SEO agency if they outsource tasks, from SEO to web design.


    Your Google Map listing is extremely important to your success. Agencies stuffing keywords in the business name, dropping dozens of fake reviews, or trying to verify offices in locations that don’t exist will almost always get you into hot water.


    You have probably seen a few advertisements or have been spammed via email with promises of page one Google ranking in 10 days, or the traditional SEO scam, “double your traffic in 30 days” pitch. These are snake oil salesmen who only care about money. They could care less if your law firm gets more cases. These promises are straight up bullshit.

Vintage vs other legal seo agencies

Here’s how we stack up against other “professionals” in our industry.

  • Strategy
  • Fulfilment
  • Link Building
  • Reporting
  • Exclusivity
  • Results
  • Our proven strategy has successfully ranked numerous law firms in some of the toughest markets across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Our in-house staff ensures work is high quality, accountable, and on time.
  • We build high quality editorial links, reputable legal directories, publicity, and other rock solid link sources to generate authority.
  • Monthly reporting shows what we’ve been working on, progress, and any deliverable we’ve built on your behalf.
  • We only work with one client per market, period. We’ll never take two competing law firms on as clients.
  • Our clients see results within the time-frame we lay out, often much sooner than expected.

Markets with existing clients.

As long as you’re a client, we’ll never work with your competitors.


Type of practice

  • personal injury
  • family law
  • employment
  • disability

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO

Our law firm SEO services start at $2000 per month for less competitive markets, and easily quadrupling for extremely competitive markets. We spend a lot of time analyzing each market, seeing what your competitors are doing, and creating a budget that will actually drive results.

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